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Mantras for your Rashi

Here are the Mantras for your moon Rasi sign

I am going to introduce to you about the Mantras which are chanted for your rashi.Here i will tell you about the
1.mantras which need to be chanted.
2.Time to chant the mantras(all Mantras should be chanted early morning after bath).
3.No of times to Chant the mantras(for all planets chanted for 1080 times).
4.The day to chant the mantra for more benefits(sunday to satrurday respectively for sun to saturn).
First of all you need to know about your moon sign(Chandra Rashi) to can get to know about this by visiting any of famous indian astrological websites.After you get to know your sign then follow the steps below to lead a prosperous,happy,wealty,beautiful,peaceful life.

Mesha (Aries) or Vrishchika(scorpio)
mantra to be chanted
Mars (Kuja -Ankarakan)
Dharani-garba-sampootam Vidyut-kaanti Sama-prabham Kumaram Shakti-hastam tam Mangalam Pranamamyaham (split as Pranamami aham) I pray to Mars, born of Earth, who shines with the same brilliance as lightning, the young man who carries a spear.

Vrishabha(Taurus) or Libra(Virgo)
mantra to be chanted
Venus (Sukran)
Hima-kunta-mrinaa-laabham Daityaanam-paramam Gurum Sarva-shastra Pravaktaaram Bhargavam Pranamamyaham I pray to Venus, the utimate preceptor of demons, promulgator of all learning, he who shines like the fiber of snow-white jasmine.

Gemini(Mithuna) or Virgo(Kanya)
mantra to be chanted
Mercury (Budhan)
Priyangu-kalika-shyamam Roopenaa-pratimam-budham Sowmyam-sowmya Gunopetam tam Budham Pranamamyaham I pray to Mercury, dark like the bud of millet, of unequalled beauty, gentle and agreeable.

mantra to be chanted
Moon (Chandra)
Dadhi-shankha Tushaarabham Ksheeror-daarnava sambhavam Namami Shashinam Somam Shambhor-mukuta-bhooshanam I pray to the Moon who shines coolly like curds or a white shell, who arose from the ocean of milk, who has a hare on him, Soma, who is the ornament of Shiva's hair.


mantra to be chanted
Sun (Soorya/Ravi) Japa Kusuma Samkaasham Kaashya-peyam Mahaa-dyutim Tamorim Sarva-papaghnam Pranatosmin Divakaram Sun (Soorya-Ravi) I pray to the Sun, the day-maker, destroyer of all sins, the enemy of darkness, of great brilliance, the descendent of Kaashyapa, the one who shines like the japaa flower.

Dhanu(Saggitarius) or Meena(Pisces)

mantra to be chanted
Jupiter (Guru) Devanam cha Rishinaam cha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham Budhi-bhootam Trilokesham tam Namami Brihaspatim I pray to Jupiter, the teacher of gods and rishis, intellect incarnate, lord of the three worlds.

Makara(capricorn) or Kumbha(Aquarius)

mantra to be chanted
Saturn (Sani) Neelanjana Samaabhasam Ravi-putram Yama-agrajam Chchaya-martaanda Sambhootam tam Namami Shanaiswaram I pray to Saturn, the slow moving, born of Shade and Sun, the elder brother of Yama, the offspring of Sun, he who has the appearance of black collyrium.

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